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MMA Diet is the easiest app to use.
All you have to do is basically to set up the top bar menu with your weight, goal and meals.
Then you can select the foods and start to enjoy this amazing tool.
After that you can share your experience with friends and professionals by facebook or twitter, using the share button on the bottom bar. Read More

Diet and Workout

The MMA training program pillars are:
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Technical Training
  • Nutrition
  • Rest & recovery
UFC fighters as well as all MMA athletes need a diet plan that will get their body fueled with the kind of energy that will be used on MMA Read More


Faster and stronger, with the leanest body ever.
That’s how you will be.
The MMA Diet is based on the ketogenic diet, which is known worldwide as the most efficient diet to deliver a lean body.
That will give you lots of power and speed.
If you want to be a UFC Champion, you should eat like one. If you are a hobbyist Read More