Diet & Workout

Diet + MMA Training = Performance Improvement

How to get the best from your MMA Diet app?
Simple, just use it combined with a good training program.

Why is the MMA Diet perfect for MMA athletes and hobbyists?
UFC fighters as well as all MMA athletes need a diet plan that will get their body fueled with the kind of energy that will be used on MMA competitions.

To give you an example of how it works, at the Olympic games, an Olympic Marathon runner would demand a totally different kind of b from an Olympic 100m sprinter. They are both top athletes, with perfect nutrition needs supplied but what’s in their diet is what delivers the right energy their different Olympic sports demand.

As a UFC or any other MMA athlete, you will need to work on 3 to 5 rounds of 5 minutes. You will need a lot of explosive energy. That means fast release fuel, ready to go energy. Your muscles must be strong and nourished with all the amino acids to give their best tone.
Unlike the Olympic marathon runner that runs for more than 2 hours in a competition and have his life designed to train for that. You will have all your trainings designed to give you explosive energy, Power + Speed to the max.

MMA Diet proportions are 45% proteins (nourishing your muscles), 45% fats (quick release energy), 10% carbs (you need it for hormone release).

You must combine your MMA Diet plan with a good overall training program. Or at least a training program you can follow.
It is still possible to reach great results if you are a hobbyist and train only 3 times a week, but you eat properly for 5 days a week.

You can get the improvements if you are an UFC fighter or MMA Athlete, using the diet for 7 days non stop per week.
You also can get the benefits and results, using the diet 5 days on and 2 days off per week.
You can be a vegetarian, vegan, or carnivorous and you will still get the improvements in your results, the MMA Diet app is for everyone.

Below is a few tips on training program.
The MMA training program pillars are:

  • Physical Conditioning
  • Technical Training
  • Nutrition
  • Rest & recovery

There are a number methodologies for Physical Conditioning. They all work, you only need to check what works better for you.

A great number of UFC fighters choose Crossfit as their favorite type of conditioning. Crossfit mixes elements of Olympic lifting, Gymnastics, Plyometrcs and USA military exercise. For Crossfit’s practicality (the workouts never go longer than 30 minutes) Crossfit is becoming very popular amongst the Hobby athletes. They can run to the Crossfit’s Box in lunch time and do all their workout in 30 minutes max, and still have time for lunch and get back to office in 1 hour.
You should do Conditioning Training at least 3 x per week for hobbyists and athletes off season.
For athletes on training camp 6 x per week are required.

Technical training
Most Professional fighters train in at least 3 disciplines, it means that they have to be very disciplined to be able to optimize their time.
Here again is a personal choice, do you preffer BJJ or Wrestling? Judo or Sambo? Boxing or Muai Thai? you will do as you choose.
Training MMA means you will train a few disciplines separate and also will have specific MMA trainings where you can mix it up. That’s how UFC Athletes do.
You should do 2 technical trainings per day for the athletes.
The hobbyists could do one per day or alternatively 3 times per week would also reach good improvements.

The ideal is that you could eat from 6 to 8 small meals per day. You should keep your body always with fuel and avoid big peaks of glucose.
You should have 3 main meals per day and space them up with snacks. You can balance them using MMA Diet app for best results.
Remember if you are a UFC Fighter or MMA Athlete you should use the diet 7 days per week during camp.
If you are a hobbyist or a athlete in maintenance/off season you can alternatively use the MMA Diet for 5 days on and 2 days off per week.

Rest & Recovery (R & R)
This is as important as all the above mentioned items.
Every time you sleep, you body readjusts. Hormones are liberated and your body gets healed and reset.
You should have a between 6-8 hour non interrupted sleep every night. Been 8 hours, the ideal to get the best from all the hormones production.
You should also, some naps during the day. They should go for 20 minutes to maximum of 30 minutes (personal adjustment).
The right way to do it is after a training session you will have your snack and after that snack you should lay down in a quiet, dark, fresh environment and relax completely.
It is better if you can get to deep sleep, if not just to be quiet will help a lot.

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