Frequently Asked Questions

We try to answer here the most frequently asked questions. If you have anything else to ask, do not hesitate contact us.

For MMA Diet app the clients always come first.

What is MMA Diet app?

MMA Diet app is a personal tool to help in your MMA diet plan.

It is based on the ketogenic diet

What is Ketogenic Diet?

It is a diet of High protein, high fats and very low carbs intake.

It delivers more power and more speed with a very lean body.

The proportions here are 45% proteins, 45% fats and 10% carbohydrates.

Athletes should use it 7 days per week continuously.

Hobbyists can use the diet for 5 days on and 2 days off per week and also get great results.

 I have a special medical condition. Can I use the MMA Diet app?

You should consult your doctor before starting any dieting program.

Does the app replace de need for a Doctor?

MMA Diet app doesn’t have the power to replace a doctor or any medical specialist.

We encourage you to introduce your doctor to the MMA Diet app before start using it.

I am not an athlete, is this app good for me?

Yes you can!

This is an app for everyone. You can use it for 5 days on and 2 days off per week and still get great results.

I am a vegan, do you offer vegan foods in your list?

Yes! MMA Diet app is the first MMA Diet plan that is vegan friendly. That means you can find your protein sources on our protein list.

Does MMA Diet have protein shakes on the food list?

All the most important proteins are listed on the protein section of MMA Diet app and you are welcome to mix it up with other food to have a balanced meal or just take it the way you prefer.