How MMA Diet APP Works

MMA Diet is the easiest app to use.

All you have to do is basically to set up the top bar menu with your weight, goal and meals. Then you can select the foods and start to enjoy this amazing tool.

After that you can share your experience with friends and professionals by facebook or twitter, using the share button on the bottom bar.

Everything is described step by step in details on the lines that follow.

Set your Weight on MMA Diet App
Setting up your Weight

First step it to touch on the word “Weight” on the top bar menu.

You will now see a spinner wheel with 2 columns. One with numbers, the other one with the symbols lb or kg.

At this point you should decide what weight system you prefer. You can choose kg (kilos) or lb (pounds). Remember that if you choose Kilos the result comes in grams, if you choose Pounds, the result will come in ounces.

After doing so, you now spin the selector and tap on top of your actual Weight and you have set your weight.

*Remember to control your weight often and keep the menu up to date. The quantity you eat is also based on this variable. It must be correct to tell you the right amounts to eat.

MMA Diet App - Select your Goal

Setting up your Goal:

The Goals are divided in gain weight, keep weight and cut weight.

You just have to touch on the “Goal” at the top bar menu and spin the selector and touch on the desired goal.

Now your goal is selected.

*You should control your weight and keep the goal up to date to be able to enjoy the best results of the MMA Diet.

MMA DIET Setting up the meals
Setting up the Meals:

Last step is now to decide how many meals you will have per day.

Touch on “Meals” at the top bar menu, spin the selector until you reach what you wish. Touch on that and it is chosen.

*This one is a treasure for you. Ideally we should eat 6 to 8 times per day. But with all the work and activities during all day long it is sometimes hard for the leisure athletes to eat as often as they should.

And here is the solution. You will always adjust the number of meals per day as your schedule changes. If you can eat 6 to 8times, great then, but if on that day you will only be able to eat 3 times, lets make sure you get all the nutrients for that day.

MMA Diet app - Select FoodsSelecting Foods:

It is only possible to select foods after setting the top bar menu with your info.

Now that you have set up your personal info on the top bar menu, you can now start selecting your foods.

You will see a menu centered on the screen, with the categories “Proteins”, “Carbohydrates” and “Fats”.

You only have to touch on the words and a selection of foods will come up on your screen, you just need to select and touch on the desired food name to get to know how much of it you should eat on that meal.

* To have a perfectly balanced meal, remember to select at least one food from eat category (Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats).

After selecting your foods then you will see the quantities to be eaten to reach your goal.

Post your meal on Facebook or Twitter


Another great feature MMA Diet offers is the social interaction.

You can post your latest meals directly on Facebook and Twitter to get comments from friends, specialists. You can also learn new recipes and get important tips on diet and training talking with your favorite pro athletes.

On the bottom bar there is a “Share” bottom, pressing that bottom will show you a page with 5 icons:

“Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Send as gift”, “Review” and “Print”.


MMA Diet App - Post your diet on FacebookFacebook will post your latest meal with a screenshot of you meal. You will have your meals reviewed by specialists, pro athletes and other users around the globe. Just press the icon, follow the steps and it will be done in seconds.

MMA Diet App - Post your diet on Twitter
On Twitter the communication goes even faster and you will have the fastest response in getting reviews about your meals and also sharing experiences and recipes.

MMA Diet App - Send a gift to your friendsSend as Gift. Everyone have a friend that loves MMA, fitness or just a healthy lifestyle. With just a click you can send the MMA Diet app as a gift that will arrive straight into their app store account.

MMA Diet App - Review on App StoreTo Review the app you only need to press the icon and it will take you straight to the review page. Please be honest and share with everyone what you are thinking about our product. This is the only way we can improve.

MMA Diet app - Print your Diet
Print. Using the air print you can keep a record of your meals and also give it to someone to cook for you.

Important information:

*Please remember to allow your organism around 2 weeks to adapt to the new diet. During the adaptation period some people may have some headaches and or feel a bit weak, but don’t worry that just means you body is really adapting and changing the source of energy from carbs to fats.

After this period you will start to feel the difference and improvement.

** Another great thing about the MMA Diet is that you can follow it for 5 days on and have 2 days off per week and still get the results you want. It is perfect for the hobby athletes. As you want to have a break from the routine and relax during the weekends.

For the Professional athletes, the recommendation is 7 days on per week.

*** Please consult your doctor before start using this app. Disclaimer

The MMA Diet app is not, at any moment, trying to replace the need for a doctor.

You can always Contact Us for anything you need.