JDS vs Hunt Weigh In | UFC 160

Mike Tyson gets on the Stage to Check JDS vs Mark Hunt Weigh In!
That will be a Hell of a Fight for sure. Who do you think will win this one? Is JDS Too Fast and Technical for Hunt? Or Will HUnt’s Power overcome The Brazilian?
Nevertheless We will have a Great Show!
Check the weigh in now!

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Jon Jones Gets Choked Out!

It was during a training session at The Ultimate Fighter’s gym when coach jones gets tapped out by his “student Adam Cella. Who behaves really cocky towards Jones afterwords.
See for Yourself!

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Nick Diaz x GSP Weigh in Video

Honestly I can’t wait to watch this fight!

Nick Diaz has been on the road for many years, even before GSP. Now he got a title shot against one of the most dominant champions UFC has ever had. A lot has been said, a lot of bad blood will spew and no one truly believes Diaz can win a decision. Would he been able to finish the fight against a well prepared and motivated GSP?

Watch their weigh in to have a feel for your self what is going to be a bloody match!

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