Nick Diaz x GSP Weigh in Video

Honestly I can’t wait to watch this fight!

Nick Diaz has been on the road for many years, even before GSP. Now he got a title shot against one of the most dominant champions UFC has ever had. A lot has been said, a lot of bad blood will spew and no one truly believes Diaz can win a decision. Would he been able to finish the fight against a well prepared and motivated GSP?

Watch their weigh in to have a feel for your self what is going to be a bloody match!

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GSP x Nick Diaz | UFC 158

This is a highly anticipated match between the Current welter weight champion, Georges Saint-Pierre and Strikeforce former champion Nick Diaz.
It suppose to happen in the past but Nick’s lack of interest in dealing with the promotional commitments and a suspension for marijuana tested positive, delayed everything.
Nick said he would retire, Saint-Pierre said de didn’t have interest in fighting Diaz. But on the last few months a lot have been said.
Nick deeply offended GSP, so now, the fight is on. GSP Ask for this fight. And he wants to put a bit on Nick Diaz for good.

Watch Diaz’s Promo Video

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