Mma Diet App is Vegan Friendly

Because MMA Diet is for everyone!

MMA Diet app has an inclusive policy and thought that the Vegan Diet is taken as a serious lifestyle for many athletes nowadays. Including UFC fighter and The Ultimate Fighter season 6 winner (TUF 6), Mac Danzig.

Another well known vegetarian athlete is the Strike Force’s former Champion and now UFC fighter Jake Shields.

MMA Diet has included many proteins from vegetal sources on the protein list. This way it is possible to conciliate the vegan food selection with the ketogenic diet’s proportions (45% protein, 45% fats, 10% carbs), making your MMA Nutrition perfectly designed for your needs.

Would you like to get your meals reviewed and commented by other MMA Diet users and professionals?

MMA Diet offers a very cool way to interact with other vegans and get recipes and combinations for your meals.

You just need to post your meals over facebook and twitter, using the sharing button on the bottom bar of your app and instantly all your friends will know about your latest meal.

MMA Diet is also open to receive suggestions, which you can send to our costumer care through our Facebook Community Page.

MMA Diet App - for vegan athletes