What is the MMA Diet App

MMA Diet app is the most complete tool to help on your MMA Nutrition.

It does the job of a sports dietitian for the price of a sports drink.

That means you will pay as much as $ 3,99 to have a dietitian working for you on all your meals for the rest of your life.

Nowadays most of the professional fighters, including UFC athletes, are spending loads of money on sports dietitians to create their perfect MMA Diet Plan. That’s how important MMA Nutrition is.

One thing you have to understand is that martial arts nutrition is a bit more complex than it looks.

To reach your full potential, athletes from all levels up to the UFC champions must give equal attention to three different aspects of their training:

1-   The Physical Training (technical, conditioning, etc.)
2-   A perfect MMA Diet plan
3-   The rest & recovery period

We will not get into the physical training or the rest & recovery period because we want to help you with your MMA Nutrition.

When you go to a dietitian to prepare a perfect MMA Diet Plan, the first thing he needs to know, is how much you weight.

The second step is setting your goal, which can be to keep weight, to gain weight or to cut weight.

The last part will be a conversation about your lifestyle, what foods you like to eat and most important, how many times a day can you will be eating (the ideal would be 8 small meals/day).

Once you have you weight, your goal and how many times you will be eating than you can start selecting the foods you like.

So after one hour consultation, You will have a set menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

It will all be composed by the foods you like to eat and most important, the quantities you should be eating accordingly to your goal.

The MMA Diet app works the same way as a sports dietitian, developing your MMA Diet Plan, but with so many advantages.

MMA Diet Metabolic dietKetogenic Diet for MMA Fighters

Technical Facts

Why the MMA Diet app really works?

The MMA Diet app is based on the ketogenic diet (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketogenic_diet), which is known firstly for its therapeutic results treating epilepsy but is mostly used for those aiming to shred their body fat out and increase lean muscle.

Most of the professionals, including many UFC fighters, eat high protein, very low carbs and high fats (good fats) in their MMA Diet plan.

Recent studies like from Dr. Stephen D Pinney (http://www.nutritionandmetabolism.com/content/1/1/2?utm_source=REFERENCES_R7&LS-2659) have reported that 2 weeks time is needed to adapt to the ketogenic Diet. As the body needs to be reeducated and learn how to use Fats and not carbs anymore as energy source.

Antonio Paoli from the Journal of the international society of sports nutrition, wrote that “Ketogenic” diet does not affect strength performance in elite artistic gymnasts” (http://www.jissn.com/content/9/1/34). They are professional athletes that need loads of power and speed for their best performance.


How is the MMA Diet Balanced?

The MMA Diet app uses a very well recognized balancing system

 The MMA Diet app uses a proportion of 45% protein, 45% fat and 10%carbs.

With a protein ratio of :

* 07.g /lb bodyweight for “Cut Weight”  

* 1.0g /lb bodyweight for “Keep Weight”

* 1.3g /lb bodyweight for “Gain Weight”


MMA Diet app is available for everyone

Where can you get the app?

MMA Diet app is available for purchase on the iTunes and App Store and on the Google Play.

MMA Diet is an app that works in all apple and android devices.

You should download MMA Diet now to start getting the benefits right away.